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Daytrips Diving

Here at Phuket dash Scuba dot Com we are proud to offer daytrip diving to all Phuket divesites on every day of the week. To assure this we offer you several boats going out to the different destinations. And we don't only offer boat diving: from November through April on every day of the week you can also make a shore dive, nightdive or dive with a longtail boat with us! On all our trips our dive guides, who are all very experienced and will show you the best spots on every site, take maximum four persons with them, to guarantee you personal attention. 
Some divesites are known for their long hard-coral reefs, others for their huge boulders or colourful soft-coral gardens. But all have one thing in common, an abundance of life!

Thailand is known for its extremely diverse underwater world.
Photo of MV Kepsub, one of the boats Phuket dash Scuba uses.

Comfortable and Safe Boats

To give you an idea of the boats we use, this is the M/V Kepsub, a fast twin engine and twin propellor daytrip boat. This is one of the boats we use, one of the most comfortable diving boats in the Phuket area. But we can offer you more boats, in all price and comfort classes.

We will give you a personal advice and make sure you get the best possible experience. Therefore we work together with several Phuket and Similan boats, all spacious, comfortable and safe. This gives our guests, you, optimum flexibility, and offers us more options to give you, depending on your personal wishes and diving experience, our advice regarding boat and destinations. Wherever possible, which is nearly always, we will send a private guide along. 

Photo of Shark Point, tghe one pinnacle breaking the surface.

Phuket Shark Point Diving

Shark Point, a group of three reefs, is a Marine Sanctuary. It is one of the best divespots around Phuket, covered with soft corals and anemones.

The place is named after the leopard sharks often seen resting quietly on the sandy bottom. Lionfish, sea snakes, fusiliers and barracudas are very common at this divesite. The 'moray nursery' and the sea horses are also one of the highlights. It is impossible to describe the variety of marine life you can see here within a few minutes.

Diving trips to Shark Point are possible every day of the week, on a 3 dives trip 4500 Baht, in combination with Phi Phi 4700 Baht.

Photo of a lionfish with a scorpionfish at our Kata Beach housereef.

Phuket Kata Beach Diving

The divesite at Kata Beach, our housereef, is located conveniently close to our diving center. Here we can offer relaxing dives, normally without any current. The reef is gently sloping to a maximum depth of 12 meters. There is a great amount of small fish life, including flounders, nudibranches, lionfish, scorpionfish and cuttlefish. At night many lobsters and crabs come out of their shelters. Ideal place for the underwater naturalist.
Because Kata Beach is such an excellent site for a day- or nightdive, directly from shore, we offer this every day of the week.

Diving at Kata Beach is possible every day of the week from November through April. 1 shoredive 1400 Baht, 1 nightdive 1500 Baht.

Photo of the South tip of Koh Racha Noi.

Phuket Racha Noi Diving

Koh Racha Noi or Koh Raya Noi (the small Racha island) is a tropical uninhabited island south of Phuket.

The island contains spots for experienced divers as well as protected bays for beginners. Also excellent site for snorkeling because of the protection offered by the bays. The chances of seeing large but peaceful pelagic fishes like manta rays and whale sharks are excellent. This underwater world reflects the famous diving of the Similan Islands.

Diving trips to Racha Noi are possible every day of the week, on a 3 dives trip 4500 Baht. These are the best snorkelingsites Phuket has to offer, charge for that is 3200 Baht.

Photo of soft corals at Anemone Reef, Phuket.

Phuket Anemone Reef Diving

This rocky pinnacle is a small-scale, completely submerged version of its neighbour, Shark Point. The living carpet of sea anemones creates an almost surrealistic impression as they wave back and forth in the surge.

All kinds of tropical fish can be observed here, leopard sharks are common on this site and big schools of jacks or barracudas are no exception! It is however a small divesite, so we can only go here with not too many divers on the boat and if the currents are not strong.

Dive trips to Anemone Reef are possible Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 3 dives 4500 Baht.

Photo of Harrubywreck at Bay 1 of Racha Yai, Phuket.

Phuket Racha Yai Diving

Koh Racha Yai or Koh Raya Yai (the big Racha Island) is a tropical island close to Phuket, almost untouched by civilization.

You can see beautiful hard and soft corals and a magnificent variety of tropical fish at all the dive spots. Relaxed drift diving is common practice and also for snorkeling this island is highly recommended. On the east side of the island we have 5 different wrecks, some of them easily accessible. For more information on diving these wrecks  you can also check our daytrips wrecks page.

We offer dive trips to Racha Yai with 2 dives every day of the week and combination trips to Racha Noi and Racha Yai with 3 dives also every day of the week. 2 dives 3800 Baht, 3 dives 4500 Baht. For snorkeling the charge is 3200 Baht or 2600 Baht for the 2 snorkel option.

Photo of lovely gorgonia fan at Koh Doc Mai, Phuket.

Phuket Koh Doc Mai Diving

This island is a huge rock in the open water in between Shark Point and Phuket.

Its drop off falls down to 30 meters on the east side and offers two caves to discover. At the west side it slopes up in steps until right under the surface. The wall is covered with hard and soft corals, amongst them giant gorgonians. Seahorses are frequently seen. Lobster, crab and shrimp are some of the species you can find here during a nightdive.

Diving trips to Koh Doc Mai are possible every day of the week, on a 3 dives trip 4500 Baht, in combination with Phi Phi 4700 Baht.

Daytrip Diving Packages

  • Book a 3 days Phuket and/or Similans daytrip scuba diving package and receive a 5% discount on the diving.
  • Book a 5 days Phuket and/or Similans daytrip scuba diving package and receive a 10% discount on the diving.
  • Book a 7 days Phuket and/or Similans daytrip scuba diving package and receive a 15% discount.

Please note: all prices include transfers to and from your hotel from Patong, Karon, Kata, Chalong, Rawai and Nai Harn (unless indicated otherwise), tanks, weights, diveguide (max. 4 divers per guide), breakfast, lunch, fruits, drinking water, tea and coffee on board. If you want to rent scuba diving equipment from us, always in excellent condition, you can rent a full set for 600 Baht per day. A full set comprises of BCD, regulator, shorty wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel. You can rent a dive computer at a small surcharge.

At our booking conditions page you will find all information regarding booking and cancellation conditions.

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