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SSI and PADI Diving Courses

With excellent training facilities, course materials and experienced and enthusiastic instructors we can offer here on Phuket Thailand the full range of SSI and PADI dive courses. As an SSI divecenter and with Steven as SSI and PADI Master Instructor we can offer you all PADI and SSI recreational scuba dive courses, and even a good, hands-on divemaster course. With easy to follow explanations in your own language you will be surprised how easy learning to dive can be. At all times however, we apply our 'safety first' policy.
Provided it is properly taught, diving is one of the safest and most enjoyable recreational activities.

We offer everybody who wants to enroll in a diving course a choice between two different certification programs: SSI and PADI. Both are recognised worldwide and they are comparable, but PADI is better known, especially amongst beginner divers. This means that SSI is cheaper, and that saving we pass on to our students.

For all beginner courses we include free diving insurance.
Steven with open water students on the Phuket dash Scuba diveboat.

Open Water Diver Course

This complete diver certification program can be completed in only three days. At the end of the course the worldwide recognised Open Water Diver certificate is awarded. On completion of the course you'll be comfortable in the water and be able to dive safely.

The open water diver course can start every day, the price is 13,750 Baht (SSI) or 15,250 Baht (PADI) five dives included; on day 2 of the course we'll do depending on the conditions 2 open water dives at our housereef or from the diveboat; on day 3 we schedule 3 dives from the boat.

If you want to complete your Open Water Course in the tropical, warm waters of Phuket after having done the academics and confined water practice back home you can finish your diving course here. This costs 10,250 Baht (SSI) and 11,750 Baht (PADI) five dives included; on day 2 of the course we'll do depending on the conditions 2 open water dives at our housereef or from the diveboat, on day 3 we schedule 3 dives from the boat.

For more information on the Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver and Open Water Diver referral courses click here.

Navigation practice during a Phuket dash Scuba Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Become more comfortable in the water and more confident with your personal diving skills. The Advanced Open Water course provides you with more underwater experience and deeper understanding of the underwater world. The course consists of 5 scuba dives; 2 core dives - Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation - and 3 elective dives chosen by you.

This course takes 2 days, price is 11,750 Baht (SSI) or 13,250 Baht (PADI). This includes 2 dives at our housereef in Kata, our preferred option between November and April, or at Racha Yai island with the boat. The latter option is normally the best choice between May and October, if you prefer to go on the boat between November and April we can do that for you, but there will be an additional charge of 1,000 Baht.

For more information on the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course (same course, different name) and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course click here.

Solving problems during a Rescue Diver Course with Phuket dash Scuba.

Rescue Diver Course

We make learning accident prevention / management and rescue techniques exciting and fun without neglecting the subject's seriousness. Learn to make scuba diving safer and more fun for yourself and others by identifying and preventing potential problems before they occur and how to correctly deal with them if they do happen.

The Rescue Diver program can be completed in two days and the price is 11,850 Baht (SSI or 13,250 Baht (PADI), certification costs, manual, course materials, 1 day theory and practice in the swimming pool, 1 day diving from the beach or the boat, depending on conditions, included.

Proof of participation in a CPR course within the previous two years is a Rescue Diver certification requirement. Phuket dash Scuba offers the internationally recognised React Right CPR program conducted in 1 day for 4,500 Baht.

For more information on the Rescue Diver course click here.

Nitrox tanks from Phuket dash Scuba Nitrox course.

Specialty Diver Courses

Speciaty diver courses we can offer you are Boat, Night, Multi Level, Deep, Drift, Naturalist, Navigation, Photography, Digital Photography, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Science of Diving, Search and Recovery, Wreck, Nitrox (EANx).

Interested? We are more than happy to make a plan for the diving course of your choice. Dives for a Specialty Course are 2,900 Baht each, excluding certification costs. With SSI we can combine several specialties, which can make the pricing really attractive. A Nitrox course costs 5,000 Baht (SSI) and 6,000 Baht (PADI) including manual and certification costs, if you want to go dive with nitrox as well we charge 3,300 Baht more for that for a day on the boat with 2 or 3 nitrox dives.

For more information on the Nitrox course and other specialty courses click here.

Master Scuba Diver and Divemaster Courses

Master Scuba Diver is the highest non-professional rating in recreational scuba diving. It denotes a high level of competence and personal achievement for all divers who earn this rating. To obtain this certification one has to complete the Advanced, Rescue and several specialty courses.
As every diver will choose different specialties and since SSI and PADI have different requirements we can't quote a fixed price for this program, for more information click here.

The first professional diver rating! The Divemaster program develops your diving and leadership abilities as well as your academic diving knowledge to a professional level.
Supervising of diving activities and assisting Instructors in their courses are some of the responsibilities of a divemaster. To enter the Divemaster program the candidate must be minimum 18 years old, certified as a Rescue Diver and must have logged at least 40 dives. At the end of the program you must have a minimum of 60 logged dives.
The price for this 3 weeks professional course is 38,000 Baht. And for just a bit more we can offer you something extra: the combination of the SSI and PADI Divemaster course.

After the divemaster course we can help/advice you with choosing the for you best instructor training.

For more information on the Divemaster course click here.

Refresher dives with Phuket dash Scuba, private instructor.

Refresher Course

If you are a certified scuba diver, but it has been a while since you have been diving, our refresher dives are for you. These help you to tune-up your diving skills without having to repeat an entire scuba course. We do this with a private instructor with maximum 2 divers.

During this refresher scuba diving trip with three dives to the beautiful Racha Noi and Racha Yai islands from Phuket 3 dives are scheduled at 3 different divesites. There are some lovely wrecks to explore if we're able to dive on the East Coast of Racha Yai.

On the day we often see barracuda, trigger fish, octopus, cuttlefish, batfish, sometimes a turtle and all the usual reeffish with excellent visibility. Charge is 5,750 Baht.

 You can also do a refresher course at Kata Beach, possible every day of the week. The charge for this is 2,900 Baht, we need minimum 2 persons for this.

Start When You Want

Just let us know when you want to start your diving course. After all, you can start your diving course on every day of the week with your personal divecenter on Phuket. In our prices for beginner courses rental of a full set of equipment is included. In all our recreational diving courses certification costs, meals on the boat, manual, use of other educational materials and from most areas on Phuket daily transfers from and to your hotel are included.

At our booking conditions page you will find all information regarding booking and cancellation conditions.

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