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Daytrips Wreck Diving

Here at Phuket dash Scuba dot Com we are proud to offer daytrip diving to all Phuket divesites on every day of the week. To assure this we offer you several boats going out to the different destinations. And part of the attraction are the wrecks we have on offer here. We have five wrecks at Racha Yai alone, and then there is of course the wreck of the King Cruiser.

All wrecks are in water deeper than 18 meters, but especially at Racha Yai the environment of the wrecks is not very difficult. This means that quite often these wrecks are accessible to all divers who are comfortable in the water. The wreck of King Cruiser though is in a challenging environment due to depth, currents and often limited visibility.

You can dive the wrecks as a fundive, but they are also excellent for an Advanced Open Water or Advanced Adventurer course, for a nitrox course and of course for a wreck diving course.
Photo of the Andaman Eagle wreck at Racha Yai bay 1, Phuket.

Andaman Eagle Wreck

This old Thai wooden fishing vessel is located a little further east and a little deeper of Harruby, quite often already visible from Harruby. 

The condition of the wreck is rapidly deteriorating but it is still an interesting site to see with the keel beams clearly visible. It is a little deeper than the Harruby with the top of the wreck at about 24 metres. The top at 24 and the bottom at 26 already indicate there is no penetration at all possible.

It contains a lot of your common reef fish, and very often we see some of the big moray eels that hang around in the area at this wreck. Also stonefish are quite often present, I once saw a couple of them hop from Harruby to Andaman Eagle, a really lovely sight.

Andaman Explorer Wreck at Racha Yai Bay 1, Phuket.

Speedboat Wreck

There is an old wreck, situated at 21 metres depth at the northern part of Bay 1 at Racha Yai. Due to its location it is called the Homerun wreck (the divesite there, normally done as a drift dive, is called Homerun), due to its origin it is called the speedboat wreck or the sailboat wreck. It was a sailboat called Andaman Explorer, used for daytrips by Fantasea Divers, purposefully sunk here, but the remains really looks like it was a speedboat, just look at the photo.

This wreck is in quite bad condition but is a fantastic wreck for the marine life that is gathered around it. Large schools of snapper and glass fish gather around the wreck. It is never too hard to find a couple of giant moray eels on the wreck along with the great barracudas which come down for a look. Shrimp are always in abundance and if you are lucky you can find a large Jenkins ray lurking under/inside the wreck itself.

Photo of Marla's Mystery wreck at Bay 1 at Racha Yai, Phuket.

Marla's Mystery Wreck 

Marla's Mystery is a barge wreck, lying on the East side of Racha Yai, East of Bay 1, approximately 150 meters out.

It was sunk in 2004 and was Racha's first artificial Reef. After sitting in a Phuket shipyard for more than 12 years, the wreck was scuttled next to a former coral reef that was unfortunately dynamited to rubble in previous years. Holes cut in the ship's bulkheads and deck provide safe swim-through opportunities, making the wreck an ideal spot for deep dives and Nitrox training

Currently the wreck is full of hard corals with lots of marine life housing in the wreck. Giant Moray eels, Great Barracuda all call this wreck home. The hull of the wreck itself lies at 32 metres with the top around 27 Metres. Its length is 30 Metres plus with a width of 3 metres and is rarely dived due to its depth and location as there is no buoy line attached to it.

Marla's Mystery is difficult to locate, sometimes divers planning to dive here miss the wreck, so we need advance warning to increase the chances of us finding it for you.

King Cruiser wreck

This fantastic ship wreck, sunk in May 1997, is located close to Anemone Reef, about one and a half hours sailing from Phuket. The wreck once contained a huge car deck, a middle deck with saloons and dining rooms and a sun deck with captain's cabin, but these are hardly recognisable anymore. This 88 m former car ferry makes a challenging dive due to depth and sometimes strong currents and limited visibility.

King Cruiser started life as a passenger ferry in Japan, was after some time moved to Koh Samui, and ended doing multiple daily runs between Phuket and Phi Phi. It used to be a car ferry, but with Phi Phi being free of cars it ended as a passenger ferry only. On a routine voyage on 4 May 1997 it crashed into Anemone Reef, ripping the top part of the reef, and the reef ripping through the belly of the King Cruiser, which sunk 4 hours later after all passengers and crew had ample time to make their way out of the wreck. The King Cruiser sank slowly, resting at 32 meters. This huge 88 meters long and 25 meters wide wreck is no longer safe to penetrate, with collapsed ceilings and decks. Purely for wreck diving there are still many things to see including some swim throughs, but it is foremost a fantastic artificial reef, with large schools of many fish species. It is an advanced dive however due to depth, visibility and medium to strong currents.

There is a mooring line at the stern, with quite often cross currents it is really important to descend along this line, it would be a pity to miss the King Cruiser wreck. The wreck starts at 18 meters, normally we follow the outline of the boat on the port side to the bow, and return on the starboard side after a swim through two doors to cross a gangway. Keep an eye out for sharp objects and monitor your air and decompression time. Ascent again via the mooring line where we also have our 3 minutes 5 meters safety stop.

Surrounding the wreck you can encounter large schools of big mouth mackerels, yellowtail or giant barracudas, lionfish, scorpionfish, emperors, snapper and many more varieties. On the sandy bottom, occasionally little nursesharks are found sleeping.

You can dive at the King Cruiser wreck as a fundive or as part of the SSI Advanced Adventurer Course or PADI Advanced Open Water Course. It can also be part of a wreck diving course, without penetration.

Photo of MV Kepsub, one of the boats Phuket dash Scuba uses

Comfortable and Safe Boats

To give you an idea of the boats we use, this is the M/V Kepsub, a fast twin engine and twin propellor daytrip boat. This is one of the boats we use, one of the most comfortable diving boats in the Phuket area. But we can offer you more boats, in all price and comfort classes.

Diveboats go to Racha Noi and Racha Yai on all days of the week, but normally you'd only be making 1 dive at (one of the) the wrecks of Bay 1. You can also choose for a 2-dive trip to Racha Yai, where we will try to get 2 dives at the wrecks. Every day we have a trip to the King Cruiser-Shark Point area, where the wreck of the King Cruiser will be one of the day's three divesites.

Take into account that divesites are selected based on weather conditions, currents, safety and suitability for other divers on the boat. We can not guarantee specific divesites prior to the boat departing. We will give you a personal advice and make sure you get the best possible experience. Wherever possible, which is nearly always, we will send a private guide along. 

Daytrip Diving Packages

  • Book a 3 days Phuket and/or Similans daytrip scuba diving package and receive a 5% discount on the diving.
  • Book a 5 days Phuket and/or Similans daytrip scuba diving package and receive a 10% discount on the diving.
  • Book a 7 days Phuket and/or Similans daytrip scuba diving package and receive a 15% discount.

Please note: all prices include transfers to and from your hotel from Patong, Karon, Kata, Chalong, Rawai and Nai Harn (unless indicated otherwise), tanks, weights, diveguide (max. 4 divers per guide), breakfast, lunch, fruits, drinking water, tea and coffee on board. If you want to rent scuba diving equipment from us, always in excellent condition, you can rent a full set for 600 Baht per day. A full set comprises of BCD, regulator, shorty wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel. You can rent a dive computer at a small surcharge.

At our booking conditions page you will find all information regarding booking and cancellation conditions.

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