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Welcome to Phuket dash Scuba dot Com (phuket-scuba.com), scuba diving Phuket Thailand

Who Are We

Phuket dash Scuba dot Com, phuket-scuba.com, was started as Sea Bees Kata by Steven van Leeuwarden. Sea Bees Kata was functioning completely independent, but we noticed it would be better if also the name of the diving center would express that independence.

We have grown quickly over the years. Even though this is not our goal, it has still happened. We see this as a good thing, an indication that our guests are happy with our efforts. And that is our main goal, to help you have an excellent, safe and satisfying diving experience on Phuket and/or the Similan islands, in every way.

  • Diving courses: a high quality divecourse for a very reasonable price, where the speed of the course depends on the student and not on the material. All courses are conducted in small groups of maximum four persons, quite a few of them are even private courses.
    Learning how to dive and continuing education courses are safe and fun.
  • Diving daytrips: we will give a personal advice, and make sure you get the best possible experience. Depending on personal wishes and diving experience, we will give our advice regarding boat and destination. Wherever possible, we will send a private guide along.
  • Diving liveaboard trips: there is more to a liveaboard than just the diving and the boat, it is the whole experience. So we talk to you, give you our opinion on different boats, their crews, the kind of guests that are normally on these boats, the service standard, the divemasters, etc.

Because of our personal service and advice, we have lots of returning guests. We are not happy until our guests are happy!

Steven & Lin

Lin and Steven picture from Phuket dash Scuba dot Com (phuket-scuba.com), scuba diving Similans and Phuket Thailand

Steven is originally from the Netherlands, where he worked as marketing manager. During this time he became a scuba diver, and found a deep love for diving, which saw him diving all over the world, including Thailand. Since life in the Netherlands was not the kind of life he was looking for, he decided to make a living of scuba diving, working as a diving instructor in Egypt, Vietnam and Thailand. He decided to settle down on Phuket, because of the quality of diving and life here.

Steven is Master Instructor with both SSI and PADI and has trained hundreds of divers and instructors. He is also considered one of the most experienced in the field of diving in Thailand, often organising ocean and reef expeditions. He speaks several languages fluently, including Thai. He tries to sit in front of his computer as little as possible and go diving three days a week.

Lin (officially Surin) is Steven's wife. She keeps the diving centre bright and clean, as well as trying to keep some order in the chaos of Steven's desk.
She is also Suwan's mother and Lam's aunt. It really is a family business!


Divemaster Lam picture from Phuket dash Scuba dot Com (phuket-scuba.com), scuba diving Similans and Phuket Thailand

Lam works for us as our primary divemaster. His real name is Boonpak, but like with all Thai he has a nickname by which he is usually called. After having lived in England for some time his English is good, and Lam is very calm and relaxed under water. He is also very careful, so if somebody has not been diving for a while, Lam can take you along and make sure you come back safe and sound, and are ready for some more diving.

After his training as a divemaster, by Steven by the way, he has worked as a divemaster at the Similans on liveaboards and for quite a few years already is working on daytrips from Phuket.

If you want to see macro life like nudibranchs or seahorses, frogfish and ghost pipefish, Lam is your man. He is excellent in spotting these creatures.

Larry, RIP

Instructor Larry picture from Phuket dash Scuba dot Com (phuket-scuba.com), scuba diving Similans and Phuket Thailand

Originally from New York, Larry is our Master Scuba Diver Trainer. He has been diving around the world since the mid 70's, from the mud flats of Long Island (excellent dive today, we even saw a crab!) to the Great White cage diving off of South Africa. He also worked as a parttime divemaster for years in both New York and Hawaii.
At the moment he is working full time in Hawaii and tries to come to Phuket as often as he can.

An avid surfer, he enjoys the small breaks here in Kata, a relaxing change from the waves of Hawaii! Larry is also an experienced photographer and videographer, both above and below the surface.

RIP Larry, well miss you.


Alwin is originally from the Netherlands, and works for us on a freelance basis. He teaches courses in English and Dutch, even in German on occassion, and occassionaly performs divemaster duties for us.


Suwan picture from Phuket dash Scuba dot Com (phuket-scuba.com), scuba diving Similans and Phuket Thailand

Suwan, that is his official name by the way, his nickname is easy to pronounce for Thais but difficult for most westerners, is active for us on several fronts.

If you'd like us to collect you from the airport or return you to the airport after your diving trip, he is the guy that will do this. If some of the diving equipment needs servicing either Suwan or Lam will do this. And he is our handyman for all of the things that need to be done in the shop as well.

Besides our diving staff mentioned here, we also have a network of highly experienced, multi-lingual diving instructors available for any and every need.

53 Katekwan Road, Kata Beach, 83100 Phuket, Thailand

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